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Originally Posted by 3544quebec View Post
Based on what the OP posted Downunder girl is right.
The agent told the OP that internet booked rates are always non-refundable; Downunder girl holds ten internet booked rates that are refundable.
Ergo, the agent was wrong.
Thank you for saying what I was about to say to Cheap Elite . Its the ALWAYS non-refundable part that I was highlighting, as per OPs post. Clearly not all internet bookings are non refundable, or I will be in a lot of trouble .

....."gave me a lecture on internet booking and how it's always prepaid and can never be refunded. I tried to explain to her while there are some rate that are fully prepaid, there are some that aren't when booking through the website. And this one wasn't the prepaid kind" (my bolding added).

With regard to reporting the agent, I was referring to the fact that she was rude to OP and HUNG UP ON HIM .

Glad we cleared that up

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