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Satisfactorily resolved: accidentally booked - cancellation penalty

I was looking for hotels for my May trip to Ireland. I didn't enter a date during my search, so by default, it entered tomorrow's date. Being slightly jetlagged, for some reason I thought I entered the date I wanted and booked for a night.
RIGHT after I booked it, I realized my mistake and immediately cancelled it (less than 2 mins after). I was then informed that I will incur a cancellation penalty because it's passed the cancellation time for not being penalize (previous day @ noon).
I immediately called the SPG customer service and asked if there's any way they could not charge me the penalty because it was a true accident and I reliazed it less than 5 mins later. So it's not like they missed out on someone else booking the room because of me. The agent was quite rude (took her name) and said that there's absolutely no way to do that, gave me a lecture on internet booking and how it's always prepaid and can never be refunded. I tried to explain to her while there are some rate that are fully prepaid, there are some that aren't when booking through the website. And this one wasn't the prepaid kind. But she would hear nothing of it and finally hung up on me after I asked what her full name was.

Anyways, am I basically SOL here?
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