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[QUOTE=SAT Lawyer;9407546]Upgrades are much harder to come by on CO than NW. Over the last three years, I have never missed an upgrade on an eligible flight on NW, but am batting around 50-60% on CO flights.

As a CO Plat in CLE, I obtain upgrades 90% of the time at the 5 day window. And, I can assure you I hardly ever purchase full Y class fares.

However, this percentage drops off significantly when you throw in a leg to/from IAH, and to lesser extent from EWR. As a matter of fact, I have a flight from CLE to EWR this weekend, and I didn't get the 5 day updrade, but did get it on the 2nd portion of my trip from EWR to FLL.

I also get upgrades 100% of the time on NW, most at the 5 day mark, but occaisionally as a Battlefield upgrade. I agree the food is sometimes better on NWA, but we all know the planes seem old, well worn, and not nearly as clean. I do like the legrests on NWA, you'll never find those on CO.

Seems to me, most of the FA's on NWA enjoy their job, but really dislike their employer and it shows. You really don't see that on CO.
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