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Originally Posted by pogopossum View Post
4. Oops! On my return, NW 2048 CLT-MSP 2/28, we had a timely departure. I noticed that a mechanic came on board shortly before we left. Very soon after departure, before the seat belt sign was turned off, and I think before we reached an altitude where we could use electronic equipment (in my case a mechanical pencil) the lead FA comes on and announces that the lavatories (both) are out of order. She announces that beverage service will be delayed until we get closer to MSP.
The way I'm reading this is that the crew knew the lavs were out, before closing the cabin door. If this were the case, is this a safety violation? I'd be really ticked, if I had a medical condition, found out about this after takeoff, found out that the crew knew about this before departing, and then had a medical event. I've flown once without an F-lav, it was announced before departure, and everyone had a choice to fly or not-fly (DC-9, with two more lavs in the back). So much for transparency, if this were the case).

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