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OK, I've transferred in the new CDG S3 terminal five times now, and every time I have the same reactions:

1) Wow! What a neat building!
2) It's pretty fun to watch the big jets coming and going through the great windows!
3) Cool! Free Playstations (and some of them are working)!

then I think:

19) Why the heck are the men's bathrooms in this huge new airport terminal so tiny? There's barely enough room to squeeze by the line of guys waiting. What were they thinking? Is there anything they can do to fix this?

20) Why are the food selections so bad and expensive? There are three understaffed counters that sell shrink-wrapped cold sandwiches and pastries at huge prices. (I know that the dollar is weak, but these are "airport prices" if I've ever seen them, like almost four Euros for a coke.) I mean, this airport is in FRANCE for Pierre's sake! We have better dining options in Newark, Boston, or Pittsburgh.

And yes, although I am a Continental Gold Elite (aka "SkyTeam Elite") and a member of CO President's Club, no, I am not entitled to use the lounge.

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