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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
There is no problem to add your TYP number to your Expedia Account. It is HOW TO ADD EXPEDIA.COM as your sponsor account at your TYP account.

I dont recall seeing my account shows up at TYP account even after I added the TYP account to my Expedia account. It only actually became a sponsor account when you booked something at and the TYP earned being sent to TYN account - it was until then I saw the account becomes the sponsor account of my TYP account.

1. Login to your account.
2. Under account overview, go to ThankYou Network options and click on "Update your ThankYou account number".
3. Delete your ThankYou Network account number.
4. Hit "Accept these changes".
5. Go back to the Account overview.
6. Click on "Learn how to enroll in ThankYou Network".
7. Hit "Sign in" under "Have an Expedia Account".
8. It will take you to "Become a ThankYou Member" page. Fill in all the information as if you are signing up for ThankYou Network membership for the first time. Complete this process to generate a new ThankYou Network account number.
9. Go back to "Account overview" by clicking on "Account" at the top of the page and enter or update your newly generated ThankYou Account number into the "ThankYou Network options". In most cases, it should have already been updated automatically when you generate a new account number.
10. Copy this account number and go to you ThankYou Network account at and add this new account as one of the sponsor.
11. Bingo!

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