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My experience is the opposite.

As those who have traveled with me can attest, I strive to be the first to board and I'm successful about 95% of the time.

I've never been pulled aside as #1. Never. And that's about 35 flights YTD.

And I have a new favorite story to tell on this subject:

My ladyfriend and I were traveling together (on Continental...gulp, sorry folks) and we both were up front when it came time to board. Keep in mind that she wanted to board early too.

I said to her, "After you." She said, "I don't want to go first. They'll probably pull the first person!" "Okay," says I, "I'll go first."

Me (#1) to Ticket Taking Person: "Hi."

Ticket Taking Person: "Welcome Aboard."

Ladyfriend (#2) to Ticket Taking Person: "Hi."

Person Tapping Ladyfriend on the Shoulder: "Would you mind stepping over here?"

Ladyfriend's Eyes To Me: "I hate you."


On the return flight I says to Ladyfriend: "Okay, pick your poison."

Ladyfriend: "I'm going first this time!"

You can probably guess what happened next.

She (now #1) gets nailed again, while I (this time #2) snake past her free and clear. To more dagger eyes and cold shoulder treatment later.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so openly amused by her plight and lack of luck.

As I hang out hugging the Gate Reader I make certain to look directly at the Security folks, smile, nod, whatever, before boarding. Maybe that helps.

But cblaisd's observations do ring true to what I have experienced in this regards:

I can say that since random searches began, that many people do subscribe to the "First person will get picked" theory. Because I now notice that most folks don't crowd the Gate Reader any longer and hold back into what they must preceive as some sort of safety zone just a bit back. And when boarding begins, there is now sometimes an uncomfortable delay as the feet shufflers titter about waiting for someone to step ahead first!

So these days it seems, as I wait at the Reader, I look back over my shoulder and often see a bunch of people nervously milling about, eyes on me like they are thinking, "That poor dope is just asking for it!"

Hee, hee.

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