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This has been the case probably about 75% of the time I've watched. Doesn't seem to be the case at ORD the last few times I've gone through there. The game is also more complex because I've found that hanging out at the RCC until 10 minutes before and showing up after everyone has boarded and the "screeners" are bored, also guarantees a search.

However, insofar as going about fifth can guarantee no-search 75% of the time, I'm happy with the current system! Please keep it this way! It puts on the proper show to make people feel "safe," yet doesn't inconvenience frequent flyers. Also, those National Guard people should carry more weapons. That would make people feel safer too, without inconveniencing me in the slightest.

BTW, anyone else notice that making eye contact with the "screeners" at the metal detectors leads to a secondary search? I now keep my gaze on the floor the whole time. Which is funny, because that's exactly what one is supposed to do when dealing with paramilitary thugs in the third world. Oh beautiful, for spacious skies...
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