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Originally Posted by McFlyPHL View Post
I'm not worried about the phone being on... I'm worried about an 18 month old playing with it during a time it could easily become a projectile. hell, if the mother had HELD the phone securely I probably wouldn't care.

As far as the kids on seats and in the aisles, the FAs didn't even say anything. Their primary concern appeared to be shutting the kid up, not safety.
I still think you're overplaying the safety card (I, for example, have left my iphone untethered during taxi and takeoff, and the worst that has happened is that it slid down the center console and I risked losing it). The child probably was at the biggest risk, but it sounds like an injury to the child might have led to an ovation by the other F passengers. (The downside, though, is that you would have been delayed while they off-loaded the kid back into the jetway.) It sounds to me like the FAs should have done more, but I still think they're limited in what they can do.
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