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F Lap Child run amok

No, this isn't another thread to complain about the presence of a lap child in F. As much as I despise Cheerio tossing, screaming baby my concern is more for safety.

Yesterday on my flight SEA-DFW, there was a lap child that started screaming the moment the door closed. The FAs allowed the baby to play with an iPhone during taxiout and take off. Not exactly safe, but it got us some quiet. On landing in DFW, the baby was allowed to run free between row 3 and row 5 - while on an active taxiway. The couple's other child also spend the taxi time climbing all over her seat. There's no way this is safe, is there? Is it worth saying something?

I don't want compensation or anything like that, but we were all put at risk (especially the kids) by the way the FAs handled this. Personally, I'd prefer not to risk having a flying iPhone hit my head, or see child/projectiles potentially hurled through the F cabin - even if it means listening to the screaming baby.

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