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Originally Posted by bocastephen View Post
True, I stand corrected - although I'm not sure how an Elite can be clueless, or what they were clueless about.
I think they were casino VIPs.

One guy was arguing about the promotional coupons that get printed out when you check in. I don't remember the details - just remember that it was a stupid argument and wondered why he was arguing about this at 1 a.m. I suspect inebriation.

Another couple of guests (women who were quite dressed up, though they were barely dressed at all) also argued about promotional coupons. I think it had to do with free admission to a club or free drinks or something.

A third guest didn't have a print out of his reservation, didn't know who's name the reservation was under, and didn't know how the reservation was paid for (internet prepaid? who's credit card?). I remember thinking, was this the first time the guy had ever checked into a hotel? I suspect he was the guest of a casino VIP, but can't be sure. Only caught snippets of the conversation.

Bear in mind that it was 1 a.m., my flight had been delayed 3 hours, and I had spent 20 minutes trying to drop off my car. My opinion of the other guests may have been influenced by my attitude at this point, though there were guests behind me who were grumbling as well.
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