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Ah, good point but then this is an area where it goes to personal opinions. I, for example, do not value leg room so much as long as it is decent and I don't sleep very much on board - few naps are okay but the only time I really actually slept hours was onboard on VS UC. The bed was just too good so I couldn't resist and slept pretty much all the flight.
Yep, we are definitely on subjective territory with these issues. For me most important is the comfort level of the seat followed by a healthy and tasty meal and newspapers & magazines. I almost always fly the same routes so not much interest left in the journey itself apart from safe travel.

But because I am one of those who are awake onboard then I value nice service, some snacks and very good entertainment.
AY cannot compete with CX in the two first categories but the new AVOD system is not bad. If it weren't for the horrible seats in Y...

Never tried SFML, maybe it is indeed so good as everyone tells. But then again, I don't travel usually in Business class.
It fits my taste perfectly but then I would eat fish and seafood only if possible.

Agree, they are horrible and I am known to be a person who eats pretty much everything.
It's quite surprising AY has sunk this low as they have a rather good catering operation. But then maybe a decision has been made to concentrate on the package tourists in Y.

I have one upcoming HEL-PEK-HEL trip coming in couple of weeks for pleasure and I booked it just because it was a really nice weekend fare. Transfer in LHR isn't always fun but for CX it could be worth the extra trouble, have to consider my options for the future.
If/when you get status on CX LHR and especially HKG get much more likeable. The lounges CX has built are pretty impressive. ^
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