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Originally Posted by Kibison View Post
I understand your frustration completely. Transporting a pet can be very stressful. Some ailines don't understand that pets can be loved as much as children. DL is one of them. They did a terrible job transporting my dog from ATL to FCO a couple of years ago.

When the dog died (of natural causes-at home), I decided that I would not have a pet for the first time in my life solely because I could not handle the stress of transporting it to various places around the world. Not fair to the pet, not fair to me.

I would never have transported the animal without being on the flight. There were several times with DL in the past where I had to threaten to walk off the plane (and delaying its departure for 30 minutes while my bags were off-loaded) because the only checked luggage not to be on board was the dog.

It was amazing how quickly they would "find" my dog to avoid a late departure.
Personally, if I was another passenger on one of your flights, I would have rather your dog missed its connection and arrived a few hours later than causing all 300 other passengers to wait 15 minutes so that they can make sure that your dog made the flight.

People miss flights because of delays and people miss connections because of delays. Luggage doesn't make it. I don't see why your dog should an entire flight should be held up waiting for one persons dog--even if it is Delta's fault that it did not get on board.

Did I go to far? Ducking now to avoid the flames....
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