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Originally Posted by Deathray View Post
I would strongly suggest you go with LH. Service wise I have always found LH to be better than AC (some people do say that LH can get efficient to the point to being cold but I much prefer this to the supremely inefficient and sometimes rude service Ive gotten on AC). On the AC metal 333 and 763 it is unlikely that you will end up with the new BC (definately not on the 333 and probably not on the 763) while on the LH A346 you will definately get their new BC (which IMHO is much better than AC's new product anyways). Hope that helps.
I've just had a quite good experience of AC (Economy) service. On a flight from Calgary, they very deftly dealt with the psycho who was bending over the sleeping passengers to examine them, groping female passengers etc.

When we landed though, we had a delay of 50 minutes for a gate at LHR, partly, I think, because they were expecting some 'officials' to board before we were allowed off.... it wasn't for the psycho, but for someone in the back section who must have really done something nasty! At least 6 police boarded to escort him off. Apart from these and the hyperactive child, it was a pleasant flight
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