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Originally Posted by LessO2 View Post
Completely to the contrary. The TSA's goal IS to make people feel safe.

Now, of course through all the holes and the PR model that is the TSA, that's largely what it does...make you feel safe, but doesn't actually provide the degree of safety they portray to be executing.
You misunderstand me: She is saying that the job is to make the ground workers "feel safe" - which does absolutely nothing to secure the aircraft. For the most part, those workers will not be traveling on the aircraft.

Quite bluntly, who cares whether the ground workers feel safe? I sure don't, but I want the aircraft in which I'm traveling to be safe.

It is not the TSA's job to make the workers who will never be leaving the ground feel safe - it's to secure aircraft and they don't do an even half-way decent job of that.

I totally agree that what the TSA is doing is to make pax "feel safe" while in their flying tubes.
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