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Originally Posted by NY-FLA View Post
Not really. Think it through. Assume for a moment (for the sake of dsicussion) that this list has any effect whatsoever. If the list was then optimimzed for effectiveness, it would have but one name on it, let's say for the sake of argument, Osama hisself. Every TSA officer at all dragnets, large and small, would be on full alert for OBL. Clearly, if OBL wanted to travel in the US he:
1) would not travel under his real name
2) Would have bulletproof ID under a false name. (Think passport from somewhere in the Muslim world, perhaps backed up by a DL from a European state.)
3) would have changed his appearance completely.
and 4) would have his new image on said bulletproof ID's.
What about the argument that while OBL is smart, lots of these terrorists are quite stupid. That by having a list we'll be able to stop the not-so-bright ones that don't have the resources to get bulletproof ID under a false name?
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