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Originally Posted by ClueByFour View Post
If you are elected on that platform, and can't do anything to implement it (which is most likely the case), it's a disenfranchised vote.

On a more pragmatic note, however, do you really think Randy/HOM/IB (most definitely for profit, soon to be public, and quite legally actionable) are going to let a group of members, duly elected or otherwise, write their TOS? Everything (all of it) will be vetted by someone who is not Talkboard or a mod and that person will have the final say (this, BTW, is exactly what happened the last time, as I understand it, after the TB voted yes to the revised version of the TOS originated by the mods). I'd like to start with "what is wrong with the existing TOS?" but it sure sounds like the answer would be all about how capricious moderation is on Flyertalk, and that horse has already been delivered to the glue factory. Twice.

Further, do you really believe that Randy/IB is going to turn over the purview for moderation to, in essence, the majority (or those that bother to vote)? I'm inclined to believe not, based on quite candid discussions I've had on the subject with those that matter and what Randy has said about it since day 1.

(why they would or would not is irrelevant--one either comes down on the "black helicopter/anti-mod" side of things or the "it's only the %0.01 who ever have discipline problems who even care" side of things.)

I may not get elected due to that stance, but I'm also not going to make promises that I have absolutely no chance of delivering on. I find being pragmatic is better than pushing false hope--YMMV.
No promises. I said I'd do my best. And my platform is more than that and it certainly is more than maintaining the status quo.

If you'd like to enlighten us on those "candid discussions," we're all ears.
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