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Originally Posted by windwalker View Post
Should this read "it was a snap for me as the company(the old one), at&t and i did a three way call and that was it.?

That's what I'm trying to avoid, the 3 way call that and what Jenn_1K ran up against . Just steal\borrow\take my Number away in the middle of the night and company is none the wiser

Can you port anumber over to a prepay plan I wonder, hmmmm...
You aren't going to avoid that unless you are authorized on the company phone account to make changes to it, most likely. You will need enough info to make the new phone provider put the port through. You'd probably have an easier time porting to a new phone provider vs separating out with ATT which wouldn't involve a port. Still, this could be a sticky situation and open you up to a heap of trouble. If they just added you in June, there might be a contract on your number now with a hefty early termination fee that would be owed if you move it. Better to talk to your employer and find out if this is the case. If so, you can have it decoupled from the business account and take over responsibility while keeping it on ATT, and avoid the term fee. If you try to steal it, you might end up looking at the $175 termination bill deducted from your last pay, or whatever.

I would say, though, that unless the company had you sign something, you should be in the clear getting the number back. But, your employer may choose to fight you on this anyway. We assign our numbers and consider them ours, and in the couple of cases over the last few years where someone insisted upon bringing their personal number in, we had them sign a letter that said the number now belongs to us. In one case, we still let the guy have it back when he left. (The other one was transfered much longer ago and the employee is still here.)

If you don't have particularly good relations with your employer, well, trying to take the number with them none the wiser isn't going to help much. Unless the bill is extremely large, thousands of dollars worth, they will likely notice, and even if it is they still might notice (and you might have a harder time getting the number ported anyway).
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