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Originally Posted by canadaeastRM View Post
Kind of figured these would be the responses - not really looking for sympathy as much as an acknowlegement of the committment to the airline. If not for the fact that I am commited to several more months of flight pass payments I would not even raise the question.

Recognize this would be exceptional in any case - I guess I'll wait until March - just hate that I'll qualify somewhere around Nov. 13ish - thems the breaks I suppose... It's only really an issue the first time you qualify and I suppose its sort of a "taking your lumps" scenario... if if's and buts were candy and nuts...
Why not hop down to Sao Paulo and back? Two overnight flights, 10K miles, very little jet lag, all for about a $1000. And if you have certs, wide open I availability. Then you are all set. It will help if you have a UK passport as it avoids potential Visa issues.
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