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Originally Posted by Bart View Post
The solution is simple:

Dedicate one lane strictly for crew/employee screening. Period. This means that no one other than flight crew and airport employees are screened in this one lane (or even two depending on size of airport). That way, there's no "cutting" in line because these employees are going directly to their screening lane. And the TSOs assigned to this lane will have to make sure that no passengers cut out of the passenger line to get to the employee lane just because there's no line there.

Be careful what you ask just might get it.

My home airport (MSP) has a dedicated CREW area (whole 9 yards that looks just like regular screening tho says CREW ONLY).

Vendors apparently cannot use that line as they still cut in line at hte regular security that we pax have to go thru.

And on top of that they tend to use the PREMIUM (First Class) TSA lines!

I have had a few CREW go thru the regular lines .. in future I will 'nicely remind' them that they have their own dedicated checkin. Overnighting crews may not be aware of this .. or think their special line is toooooo long.
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