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TSA not watching the x-ray screen

LAS-DFW on 10/22 on a midday flight, wife and I were in the F line for security. She commented to me that she left her kippie in her purse and I told her to leave it there. We send our bags through the machine.

While the metal detector staffer was waiting for the machine to stop beeping to let my wife through, I watched the TSA moron who was supposed to be watching the screen. He was busy chatting with his buddy and never once even turned to look at the screen until I was through the detector and our bags were out the other side.

Typically, I'm being rushed and don't pay attention to them. But it was only myself, my wife, a woman in front of us, and a man in front of her who was already picking up his bag so I had plenty of time to notice.

Is this typical? They're sweating 90 year old women for pat-downs and scrutinizing our ID's like we're trying to enter silo 4 at a nuclear missile base, but they're not even checking the screen????
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