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Originally Posted by Trulyblues View Post
I am not an uptight traveler, but I do get uncomfortable when I see other passengers using their phones and iPods after being asked to turn them off. Last night there was a guy in an exit row across the aisle from me with his cell phone conspicuously on through landing (I don't think it was transmitting, but who knows?) and the guy in front of him was skipping through songs on his iPod and making sure to hide it each time the FA walked past doing pre-landing checks. Typically I tap them on the arm and politely remind them that they need to have turned their devices off, and probably 25% of the time they just turn it over and pretend they did.

I know that transmitting wireless devices are genuinely a problem, and that other small electronics are "probably" really okay, so I'm curious what others do in these situations. Or are you the folks with the iPods playing as we land?!
Do you also "tap them on the arm" and remind them that their seatbacks must be upright? That their tray tables must be stowed? That their carryons must be completely under the seat in front of them? That their seat belts MUST be fastened?

Anybody ever give you a stern MYOB? Or worse?

As has been posted before, if the use of these devices had ANY potential to cause harm during any portion of flight, they would not be permitted onboard.
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