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Originally Posted by happydad100 View Post
On my flight from the East Coast to SLC on 10/26, I was in coach and looked up and saw a guy in his late teens or early twenties passing out snacks from the cart. He was dressed in casual dress. I asked him if he was a regular passenger. He said yes. I asked him why he was working the snack cart. He said it was a long flight and he wanted to do something to kill time and was in a middle seat. I asked him if it was hard to drive the cart and apply the brake. He said no trouble. No one else seemed to notice or care. He did a nice job ... offered the snack pack with a napkin. I don't think he was a FAM.

I didn't want to mention the exact flight (in case this is a violation of company policy). The rest of the crew was working also.

Ever seen this? Maybe I should try it to kill time on a long flight ... However, I'd probably nail a few of your arms and elbows as I drove down the aisle ...

Hey, that was me. Just Kidding. It was prob a Non-Rev Off duty Employee that was helping out.
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