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Well, I've had opposite ends of the spectrum at ORD T1 (UA) this month. Early in the month, I had the two minute drill from a TSA ID checker in the middle of the day. The premium line was backed up into the lobby just before Noon!

Last Wednesday, I was at ORD at 4:30am dreading the worst. That morning's TSA ID checker took a quick look, made a single scribble and moved me on.

So I guess it all depends upon who is doing the looking and scribbling.

Explain to me again how having TSA do this is better? I didn't realize that TSA was hiring experts in every form of ID there is, who are able to spot forgeries without fail.

I guess next month we'll read something about how TSA is demanding that states adopt REAL ID so that the "flying public's safety can be assured by consistent IDs". They will base it upon their extensive time and motion studies and the difficulty that they have ensuring that IDs presented at checkpoints are authentic and that they have discovered X number of "fake IDs" through their new program, blah blah blah...

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop since last week's releases about how many test devices were being missed by TSA at the checkpoints. i was certain that this would lead to bag dumps on a regular basis.
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