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Originally Posted by Peetah View Post
Because some *(&%$#@$%*(%$%% ... hat at the TSA thought that people travelling with fake IDs were more of a terrorist than ones who had real IDs. In reality, they're making .... up and pretending to do some real security work to justify their current workforce figures to Congress.
OK, got that. But why do they take longer than the contract workers? It should only take about 30 secs at the most to match the name on the ID to the face, then another add'l 30 secs to scribble the approval mark on the BP.

Airports are a hurried environment- they should know better to make the process faster and more efficient. People are in a hurry, so they should just do what the contractors did; it worked and there weren't any attacks due to false ID's.

I don't really have anything against TSA checking ID's and BP's - no difference to me between TSA and the contractors. However, if they're taking much longer than the previous contractors, then there's a problem here, and the airlines/people should address it as one. Perhaps more workers should be assigned, or they can hire the contractors to check the ID's/BP's as a government employee?

Just some ideas for the pot...

BUT here's an idea- some ID checkers who are TSA could still be fast and contractors who used to man the ID/BP checks were slow-pokes too? Maybe we just saw a few occurences where the ID checker happened to be TSA, and also happened to be slow, and we're blaming them on TSA because they're the "big, bad government and can't do right"? I'm sure people complained about long waits in the ID checking line before TSA took over? Maybe a study should be done for this, or have someone observe and see. When I went to DCA recently, I observed the TSA ID checkers and each person took about 1 minute to get through. It took me about 30sec-1min to get through security with private contractors doing the ID/BP check, depending on the person.

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