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Originally Posted by SirFlysALot View Post
First of all the line was almost out the door at 4:30 AM. They did not open the checkpoints until just before 5 AM. The first flight I know of starts boarding at 5:30.

The TSA had not set up the cattle chutes properly. They kept moving the posts and ribbons of the chutes around and sending people on to the check point. Then the guy watching the magnetometer sent 20 people back because the TSA had not checked ID and marked the boarding passes. Back to the end of the line with them!

Finally I get my turn and the fellow spends literaly two minutes checking my standard Illinois drivers license before he believes it is legitimate.

Next the fast food workers were all late (still waiting in line?)so there was no coffee to be found anywhere.

It isn't as if the TSA doesn't do these things 365 days a year. You would think the TSA would have it down to a fine science by now.

Man, it seems from all the threads that ever since the TSA took over ID checking, the lines has gotten exponentially longer and has caused problems. Is that really the case? Didn't private contractors take a long time to check IDs too?
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