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Originally Posted by ralfp View Post
5 year expiration, full reapp required until age 16. Is the State Dept. intentionally sticking it to parents; why not make it 15?

Why in the world do you need a birth certificate when renewing a kid's passport? I can understand that they might be concerned about swapping kids (baby photos are not exactly the best for ID), but how does the BC help there? Does it in any way verify anything that the old passport does not? Haven't they already seen the BC.?

Imagine if your spouse goes missing (running from the law, can't stand you anymore, etc.) Does that mean no passport for junior?
Yes. It means that junior has a big hard time getting a passport.

All of this is designed to prevent international parental kidnapping. I imagine that did and does go on, but the extremes taken on this front and the amount of angst everyone else is put through seem to me to be rather extreme.
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