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Originally Posted by exerda View Post
One problem I've found is that when the TSA takes over ID checking, there is a sort of "laziness" factor which sets in. The ID checkers tend to chat with every screener walking by, tend to stop looking at IDs & BPs for lengthy periods to check on other things, etc., and generally "take their time" getting around to their jobs.

(To be honest, I can't recall if the TSA has taken over IDs at IAD yet or not; I think so but wouldn't swear to it despite several recent trips through there.)
Hmm... well I have always thought TSA was doing the ID checks since 2001. I didn't realize that the ID checkers were actually private contractors until this summer. When I flew from Sacramento during late August knowing of the differences, I noticed Sacramento had the TSA doing the ID checks. It didn't really take that long, but I did notice a bit more scruntity, but honestly I didn't really notice a HUGE drastic difference from the private contractors. I think it took them about 30-40 seconds to check ID and scribble the "approval" on the BP.

I recently went to DCA for fun (yes I know... I like hanging out at the airport! But DCA is like a mall in a way because of all the stores, and it's always refreshing to just sit and watch the planes etc - it helps me with my stress levels) and while I was there I observed the TSA there doing the ID checks. It didn't seem that bad - maybe 30 seconds every person?

However, I don't understand one thing - why do they want TSA doing the checks? What was wrong with the private contractors? Costing the airlines too much $? Is there really a big difference between both? Some private contractors were slow and lazy and talked with passengers too I'm sure- and some TSA'ers are quick and efficient.

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