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Originally Posted by 707Flyer View Post
I was at IAD yesterday morning, and it was much worse than usual. While courteous, TSA was taking forever to check IDs. My wait was only saved by the fact that they opened up additional lanes as I was getting into line.

I was only going to NY, and this will be the last time I fly there. Airlines really need to step up here, especially B6, DL, US, and CO, unless they want every business passenger taking Acela in the NE corridor.
Hold onto your receipt from that NY trip. When you take Acela to NY, keep those receipts too.

Photocopy all of them, then send it to the airline and IAD management. Remind them of the airfares (airline) and taxes (airport) that are being lost to the TSA's incompetence.

Capitalism is the only way they will take note.
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