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Originally Posted by FlyerGoldII View Post
As the routing on the ticket is from YOW to LIS vis LIS, BATCAT does not apply. In theory, I could get the sponsor to buy 2 tickets (ie YOW-LHR, and LHR-LIS); that way, my wife would be eligible for BATCAT. However, the disadvantage to 2 separate tickets is that one can not interline on those 2 tickets (ie luggage, protection from missing the connecting flight at LHR, if the first flight is late etc).

For the same reasons (lack of interlining), I am not interested in buying my wife 2 separate fares - ie YOW-LHR-YOW, and LHR-LIS-LHR.

For the same reasons again (lack of interlining), I am not interested in buying a YOW-LHR-YOW fare, and then getting an award for LHR-LIS-LHR.

That is why (see other thread), I am interested in getting one ticket for my wife - either the "cheapest" revenue ticket which allows her to upgrade (at least on the transatlantic segments), or one (rather than 2) Aeroplan award (I would have to check if one can interline on 2 Aeroplan awards).

Having dealt with UA since 2004, I find I get positive results only speaking with UA human being.
You seem to believe as non UA status member you may get the results via email. I say go for it.
Afterall, what do I know. I am only UA 1K who only does 200K+ BIS per year on UA metal.
Please post your outcome.

If that fails you will have 2 options:

You want to save on your wife's ticket be it $$ or miles; have to put up with some risk with interlinning.

If you want to take no risk, buy your wife similiar ticket to the one you are getting.
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