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Surprised by an intra-Europe op-up just today.

Flew KL1281 AMS-EDI this afternoon on an award ticket. AMS-EDI gets a mix of 737s and Fokkers depending on time of day (and by corollary, demand level). Midday is pretty light, so 1281 is on a little F70.

I was connecting from LYS-AMS (which was also an F70, although the plane in line behind us for takeoff at LYS was a wee bit bigger) and at checkin in LYS I was assigned seat 12C, which was fine with me as it was an aisle, around the wing.

At AMS, nobody said anything about anything until we were going out the gate (D6D) to the bus. GA was putting BP's in the reader, and a bunch of people were getting different seat assignments at that point - pretty late in the process if you ask me!

Anyway, the machine beeped and spit back the BP of the guy 2 ahead of me in line, and the GA said that oh, he had been upgraded due to a change of equipment. (Huh? It was an F70, like my itinerary from NWA.com said it was supposed to be.) At that point, I thought, "Gee, I'm ST E+, I wonder if it's gonna do that to me, too?"

Sure enough, it did! BEEP! I said to the GA, "Ooh, what did I win?" She laughed and gave me 2D.

A couple came on after me and sat in 2E/2F, and the husband jokingly complained about "business class" being 3-across in the same seats as the back. 1A/1C were still empty when the door closed, and the FA said sure I could move across there, so the couple got the correct 3:2 seatax ratio for Europe Select, and I had an empty seat next to me, too. ^

And this time, I actually got the Euro Select food, unlike last time when I was "upgraded" into a jammed ES section and got no special food.
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