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Interesting how you mostly all seem to defend Scandinavian. FYI my laptop was in a backpack and I was seating myself in the bulkhead seat in Row 1 and was going to place my backpack in the overhead stowage area. As I'm doing a round-world trip. My meeting was with family - business related - you obviously dont know greeks, nor do you know any australians. ust becasue its a holiday does not mean the world stops. Hey you wont ever see me in any Scandinavian cabin after I arrive in New York. Why I chose Scandinavian over my regular Lufthansa/Singapore Airlines/United RTW combo I don't know - saving a few cents. As for my flight with Scandinavian from Bangkok to Copenhagen staff were very friendly and did their best to make the flight very enjoyable - despite having a seat free next to me - so an aisle seat for my laptop 2G and a window seat for me 2H. And lets face it the Scandinavian C - class cabin looks tired even when it was new last year - last year on another flight with Scandinavian from Bangkok to Copenhagen my row 1 seat 1G was non-functioning.

So I may have been a bit tipsy - never a problem before. Serving raw alcohol in business loungers without food seems to be a European phenomenon - in the Middle East and in Asian lounges food is plentiful, can even extend to full meals eg SATS Premier Lounge, and perhaps European carriers can take a look at the setup Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines have in their lounges. Whether you believe me or not, I experienced what I experienced. I posted as a warning to other SAS customers and also to potential SAS customers. I've been reading these forums for many years, but have not previously had the need to post.
Lets see now what sort of catty comments I get from some members here

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