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Originally Posted by USCGamecock View Post
Private eyes...they're watching you - they see your every move! They're watching you - watching you!
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New Airport Security Agents Trained In Body Language
Thu, 16 Aug '07

BDOs Gauge Risk Potential In Passenger Facial Expressions
The eyes of the Transportation Safety Administration are upon you... in the airport, anyway. TSA Administrator Kip Hawley told an aviation industry group in Washington last month Behavior Detection Officers can be considered security upgrades.

He described the officers as "a wonderful tool to be able to identify and do risk management prior to somebody coming into the airport or approaching the crowded checkpoint," according to McClatchey Newspapers.

The program began as a pilot program in 2006 and has proven "very successful" in identifying suspicious airline passengers, according to TSA public affairs specialist Amy Kudwa. Trained officers have identified illegal immigrants, drug carriers as well as terrorism suspects so far.

Already positioned in more than a dozen US airports, Kudwa said the agency plans to have 500 fully trained BDOs working by the end of next year.

BDOs work in teams of two with one officer openly scrutinizing passengers while the other seemingly performs another task. When a passenger exhibits suspicious behavior, the officers increase their scrutiny by performing seemingly innocent actions such as polite conversation or assistance with belongings. If the suspicious behavior continues, the passenger is then referred to law enforcement for additional questioning and investigation
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