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in other news, the 9th circuit decided that the 2nd amendment is "unnecessary becasue there are police departmnts", the 10th amendment is "outmoded by the fact of federal funding controlling local politics", the 5th amdnement is "a speed bump in the highway of justice" and the 1st amendment is "quaint, but anachronistic and antagonistic toward many of different philosophies".

The 9th circuit, having put in a full day, is expected to finish its execution of the Bill of Rights on monday.

On the science beat, the United States Geological Survey reports "seismically inexplicable vibrations" in many areas of the northeast and east coast at shallow depths, now confirmed as the founding fathers spinning in their graves. Muarray Energy Corporation, speaking at the scene of its Utah mine disaster said "This proves that the mine collapse was NOT our fault."


RIP US Constitution 1791-2007
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