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How to fustrate TSA

Over the weekend I placed a box into a duffle bag that had a half moon opening. The box was too tall to close the bag so I had to rotate the box so that it would fit into the bag. Rotating it was a bit tight but was certainly not impossible so I thought.

Much to my dismay when I arrived at my destination the box had been cut open. However, it was not resealed and the contents moved about which resulted in a part being broken. So when I returned I called TSA and complained.

My friendly TSA contact got the pertainent dates and time and found the video tape of the agents doing the secondary inspection. It seems that not one, not two, but three different agents could not figure out how to get the box out of the bag. Mind you this was the basically the only item in the bag (sans a rain coat). Based on the time line they spent several minutes trying to figure out how to remove the box and just could not do it so they cut it open to do their inspection.

When I returned to the airport to show the agents I merely moved the box to one end and flipped it up and out.

The moral of the story never put a square box in a round duffle when traveling. Off to file my TSA claim.

Oh yeah If could post a picture I would show the small travel lock that TSA could not cutt off my bag from another trip so they broke the zipper pulls instead. I cut it off with a small pair of wire cutters when I got home.

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