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Just a thought..."candy" = code for drugs?

Originally Posted by spleenstomper View Post
My son will be 10 next week and if he and I were traveling alone, I would have no problem bringing him into the ladies room with me; I also don't think many other women would have a problem with it. My child might die of embarrassment, though. And I wouldn't bring both my boys in the ladies room if we were all traveling together-- cause then they'd get all silly and loud, etc.
We were at the mall a couple of weeks ago when BabyJ decided to release not only the 3 bottles' worth of water and juice but also whatever he had in reserves So we head over to the bathrooms at the same time as this mom and her two little kids (boy 6, girl 4). MrsJ goes into the family room area (which has two changing areas and a separate toilet room) while I wait outside with the stroller.

The mom also waits in the hall area leading to the bathrooms with the little girl whilst the boy did his thing. He comes out and being a mom she asks if he washed his hands. A mall employee behind them told her yes, the boy did because he had to boost him up to the sink. She thanked the guy and reminded her son to do the same. So then they head to the ladies room because mom and daughter both had to go. The boy planted himself on the wall about 5' from me and said he would wait there. But no, mom wasn't having that! She made him go into the ladies room "because I don't want you out here alone" was her reasoning to his whines about going into the <horrific screech that little boys use when talking about the opposite sex>girls room.

So then I was thinking that was the silliest thing I'd seen...they wait for him to pee but then she drags him into the ladies room anyway? Why not just have him pee in there?
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