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Originally Posted by BearX220 View Post
...It is not; statistically we should be more worried about our kids getting stung to death by bees.
What I have been teaching my girls since they were old enough to understand it is that the biggest threat to their safety is cars (of course I include trucks, buses, etc. in that). When they walk along a sidewalk or in a parking lot, they are constantly watching for cars turning and backing up. When crossing a street, they look in every direction, the whole time they're crossing.

Only recently have I discussed the idea of a malicious stranger (they're 10 and 7). It scared the daylights out of them. I reassured them that it's like our talks about a fire in the house or a major earthquake. I don't think it's going to happen to them while they're kids (although the major earthquake almost certainly will happen if they live a full life here). That made them feel better, and not paranoid that every male stranger they meet is out to harm them.
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