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TWA Getaway Card

Although I've only flown TWA intermittently over the years, I've had a Getaway card many years since in my early twenties. The cards themselves have had many designs over the years, my personal favorite was the card which pictured TWA jet flying against a multi-colored sunset background (issued some years ago). The card designs back then were both imaginative and creative. Now it appears that my last Getaway card is the current TWA jet positioned on blue sky background above continental land masses (not as attractive, IMHO).

Well, now just waiting to find out what happens to our Getaway far, both AA and TWA CSRs are saying "don't know".

My guess is that shortly, we (cardholders) will say goodbye to a very old friend....

FWIW, I remember how exciting--my first TWA ticket was purchased with my very own credit card--the Getaway Card!

Georgie's post about no longer getting miles for TWA MBNA card brought this to mind...

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