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Originally Posted by etch5895 View Post
Would someone buy a refundable plane ticket in an attempt to do something like this thinking that being airside would cause people not to worry as much about personal safety?
Humans have the capacity for imagination that other species do not, so of course this scenario is a possibility.

I admit I've never heard of something like this happening before.
There have been other reports of this on FT. And if you stop to think about it for a minute public bathrooms are frequent spots for all sorts of consensual and non-consensual exchanges.

to child sex predators.

If Dante were alive to today and keeping score, he'd probably put sexual predators at the very lowest levels of Circle Eight in Hell: either in Bolgia 9 (where sowers of discord are hacked at by a sword-wielding devil, who delivers the blows round-after-incessant-round just as their earlier wounds have healed), or Bolgia 10 (where various sorts of falsifiers, including impersonators, are afflicted with different types of diseases).

Cannily, Dante pegs Corrupt Politicians as the nearly next-door neighbors to the lot in levels 9 and 10. Bolgia 5 denizens:

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