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Originally Posted by myrgirl View Post
Some buildings really need family restrooms.
For new constructions that seems sensible. But to create a new code w/retrofitting mandates ala "Think of the children!" ... oy!

I fail to understand why the OP's son is somehow "smart" about strangers' bribes for candy (or anything else). Don't most parents teach their children well about personal boundaries, e.g. the "bathing suit lines" talk by the age of 5 or 6, repeated as necessary? I can't imagine that this basic coaching has somehow gone out of fashion. Developmentally speaking, a normal 10-year-old has the capacity for self-preservation in unfamiliar situations anyway.

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Originally Posted by coachrowsey View Post
You did teach your son well for sure.
Agreed. Thumbs up for dad. ^

Sad to say this is happening more & more at airports. There just are no safe places any more.
There's never been a Golden Age of Public Safety, so I doubt that this event happens more than ever at airports or any other place humans gather.

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