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Originally Posted by simongr View Post
The main challenge I see with this is that PAX will have to lie down the whole time pretty much and wont be able to sit up at all. Great if you want to sleep but not that many people would sleep the entire flight...
If your not planning on sleeping for the majority of the flight then why would you both paying a premium for a bed

I think this is only really going to be feasible on the A380 for sure, perhaps on the 748 too, but from my limited understanding that is going to have considerably less capacity?! - I'm sure someone will be able to correct me on that.

Either way, I think its an innovative idea. One of the major benefits in a premium class is the ability to sleep and arrive at your destination feeling (reletively) refreshed and the majority of longhaul routes (S. Africa, Far East, South America) are overnight. It seems most of the N. America flights, particually Eastbound are overnight too so why not focus on a cheap way for the majority of passengers to sleep - Bet it would make the crews life easier.

For me, as a youngster, the incentive to travel in club would be less - particually with the right coloured plastic getting me into the lounges before and after (where applicable) the flight.
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