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Originally Posted by Skimo View Post
I'd be sceptical if this ever came to fruition on traditional carriers. Isn't it in a full service carriers interest to ensure that Y is not too comfortable in order to protect and sell it's premium products? If the proposed bunk was similar to a crew bunk, in both size and comfort, it's going to be much better as a sleeping surface than F on the majority of carriers (with the exception of SQ 77W).

It's a great idea, but that it would be positioned more in the Premium Economy Sector, especially if FIRST gets pulled on several routes by many carriers.

The major issues will be natural light from windows (not such an issue on night flight....!), and the ease with which pax can escape in an emergency.

Looks like bunks I endured during my time in the Navy, though....

I suppose it is just a natural progression....I seem to remember Hawaaian or was it Phillippines had a similar bed concept installed in the 1980s......?
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