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Originally Posted by Klm is Dead - Long Live KLM View Post
But I respect the possibility for others to do so. As long as they play by the rules; they paid for their ticket just as I did.
And so do I. And yes, I'm sure plenty of us have been on flights without knowing there were pets on. However, I think there's a bigger lack of respect the other way, people bringing on pets who are not trained to fly. People shove larger than allowed dogs in their bags, they pull them out during flight to coddle them and show them off, and generally don't respect the fact that there are other people on the plane.

I agree many people are hypersensitive and quick to blame "allergies". But trust me, if I'm within 10 ft of a rabbit, my eyes water (I wear contacts, so that's a pain), I sneeze, my noes runs. So remember there are people with serious allergies. Am I "allergic" to cats? Yes. Same extent as rabbits? No. If I see a cat on the plane, my allergies might flare up, but I can always pop a pill or two and take care of it.
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