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This has nothing to do with equating dogs to humans. It has to do with 1) mutual respect and tolerance and 2) what the contract of carriage says that ticket-holding humans are allowed to bring with them. I would guess that many of us have traveled in the same cabin with discretely held, well-behaved animals many times without every having noticed them (which is more than one can say for certain elites, jabbering into an always-on cell phone with three oversized carry-ons, two sharp elbows and one ego as large as their waistline).

Depending on the airline, the contract of carriage says it is allowed to bring certain dogs or other service and companion animals in the cabin with the passenger under certain conditions. Period. Would I do it? No. Do I need to do it? No. Would my dog even fit in the cabin? No. But I respect the possibility for others to do so. As long as they play by the rules; they paid for their ticket just as I did.

I can't speak for Amtrak, but in most countries I travel to that have real-world, fully-functioning domestic and international train networks rather than just the quaint remnants of one, dogs are allowed on board with the passenger. The same goes for other public transportation such as biking on roads, walking on sidewalks and taking taxis, buses, subway/underground, ferries, etc. Why should airplanes be different?

One thing nice about living in Amsterdam is that there seem to be fewer people with aggressive neuroses and "allergies". It must be all the rain we have here or maybe it's the better-quality second-hand smoke; I don't know. Dogs are welcome just about anywhere, including at my favorite cafe where I can often be found after a long week of traveling alone, drinking and eating with friends while fido sleeps contently at my feet.
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