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I don't think you can equate dogs to humans. You do not need to travel with your dog or cat, they are not your "legal property" (I know, bad term for kids). You can find a sitter or leave them with a friend.

Regardless, many countries have a quarantine for 6 months if you bring your dog in, I'm sure the conditions there are worse there than in the cargo area of an AC.

And what about overseas flights? 9 hrs on a plane? While my dog could make it up to 13hrs, I'm sure there are ones that can't. So what, they piss in their carry on then the plane smells like dog piss? Don't even get me started on if I'm sitting next to you and your dogs busts a dookie. With a child you can take them to the changing area or bathroom. NW rules specifically state you cannot take your dog out from under the seat. Great.

As much as I love my dog, I do not put her on the same level as a human. I know I'd have a hard time, and an even harder time convincing my wife of that, but honestly, a dog is not a human.

And I can't stress enough, I'm an avid dog lover, but really, there has to be some boundaries.

Can you take a dog on Amtrak? The subway? In a cab? On the Bus? -- those are all public transportation too.
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