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Originally Posted by AshleyF View Post
Getting a PAID hotel room has been difficult in May. This is with SPG as well as Hyatt.

Demand is just very high, supply is limited.
Agreed with this in general. However, I'm currently researching availability for an India holiday and find good award availability in Agra, Delhi, Cochin, and Chennai. I've also found fairly decent Cash & Points availability as well. It may depend on your dates, but more info may help.

Bangalore & Mumbai are really hard to get anything at (including paid rooms sometimes).

1 thing I've had to do in the past is do seperate bookings (ie, book 1st-3rd, then 4th-6th, and 8th-14th for example for a 2 week stay) and watch for availability on the "missing dates" over time. Once you get a booking for the full time you need, you can many times get the stays combined to 1 record by contacting the hotel.

Also, I've even shown up at the hotel once with a missing day or 2 over a 14 day stay & just talked to the folks there who got my stay filled up for me (of course, I had cancellable reservations at other backup hotels just in case).
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