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Feel bad for the OP; been there all too many times myself and it's not always kids or dogs. Adults, including FFs can be just as obnoxious.

An incident shared with me by a FA on US where a couple with a kid who kept kicking the seat in front (this was in coach). This was not the stretching out bump but rather "field-goal" kinda kicks. After a few of them, the passenger in front turned back and politely asked the kid to stop. When he didn't the passenger asked the parent then the flight attendant to do something. The dad's response was something like "he's a kid, that's what they do. what the hell's wrong with you?". A couple of minutes later, it turned into a fist fight between the guys.

While I absolutely do not condone the actions of the passenger in front of the family, I wouldn't even blink if the parents were tossed off the plane from 35K feet. We'll just get a kid to do give the last push. After all, it's a kid, it's what they do.

Bottom line is, bring what you want onboard (within FAA/airline rules) but don't forget you are sharing the space with a lot of other people. Be considerate, even if you have to fake it.
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