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Originally Posted by car_guy1 View Post
Dogs. I want to first say that I love animals. But they all have their place in society. One of those places is not on an airplane. I had a 630 am flight out of San Diego last saturday, I really wanted to sleep along with everybody else in FC that day, except a lady had her dog that seemed to be telepathic. As soon as I would hit that magical level of sleep, you know when it really counts! The dog knew it and would bark. everytime. For about the first hour and a half. When the lady went to the restroom, the dog went crazy until she returned. This happend twice. Sleep was just not going to happen.
Others think and feel differently... such as the person with the animal.

Any animal of any size can be an assist-animal (physical or emotional), when prescribed by a doctor (ok, there's technicalities in there, you get the point), as long as it doesn't interfere with any FAR regarding safety and/or operation (presumption).

Animals can travel as carry-on, if of the proper size (has to be able to fit in a carrier that can fit under seat), in a proper seat (has to have underseat storage in front of the pax seat), and there's room on the plane (limit 3 animals under-seat per airframe?).

(btw, I think we think alike, these are just reminders of known items)

Steve B.
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