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Originally Posted by FF_Parrothead View Post
I feel bad because when there is a hiccup in the system, there is no where to go to rebook for missed flights or connections. I missed my ORD-DEN flight last week. They add 5-6 folks from standby to the flight, then re-directed the herd remaining pax to the next flight. I made that flight with TWO other pax (thanks 1K!), and the rest of the herd went to yet another flight.

It's like planning a factory to run 100%. It's not realistic to sustain that level, and when something does go wrong, it is very expensive to get back on track.

Just my $0.02.
Until there is some financial incentive for UA (and other airlines) to build in excess capacity, they won't do it. I find it intolerable for the airlines (particularly NW this summer) to think it isn't costing me time and money while they overbook passengers, overschedule staff, and don't have the ability to cope with predictable maintenance/weather interruptions. Sadly, it will take Congress to intervene on behalf of the flying public ...
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