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Originally Posted by samikitty View Post
I was on Delta Flt 1460 on 6/21 from SAN to ATL. The flight was scheduled for 11:30 am, and was on a 1 hour "maintenance" delay upon my arrival at the airport. According to DL, no other options out of SAN either that day or the next day, so I headed to the CRC to wait it out. I called SMS, and I was told nothing available on any airline.

After many changes and challenges, the flight finally boarded around 7:30 pm. The pilot came on the PA to apologize for the delay... and we finally got a straight story on why the delay. The plane had failed to comply with an Airworthiness Directive (AD) issued by the FAA, and needed to fly in a mechanic and special equipment from ATL to do an inspection on a landing gear pin.

After taxi to the runway, we sat for a few minutes, and the pilot came back over the PA to announce that after stopping at the end of the taxiway, the plane encountered a "massive hydraulic leak." So, back to the gate we went. Eventually, we all got put on a different a/c and ended up wheels up around 10:00 pm, nearly 11 hours late!

Now, I have sat through many maintenance (as well ATC/weather) related issues, and I have always been calm, cool and collected during these delays (just gotta roll with it). I can always understand a maintenance issue, as stuff happens. What I cannot accept is DL missing a scheduled and required maintenance check based on an AD. Having spent many years in the Tech Ops area of an aerospace company, I am well aware of how ADs are issued, and that the OEM and DL were well aware of the issue long before the plane ended up at the gate in SAN on 6/21. I did a little research, and found that the AD in question appears to have been in effect since 05/2006 and requires repetitive inspections of the part at required intervals.

So, this whole situation leads me to a few questions...

How in the world was this plane dispatched from ATL to SAN having missed this inspection?

How in the world is a $7 "meal voucher" adequate compensation for such a massive failure of the Delta Tech Ops organization, and management?
It is not just DL (see I am almost nice to DL again) but the treatment of PAX by, in this case, DL is pure and unmitigated BULL S***!!!!

And, you wonder why PAX are outraged.

Send a letter of complaint to everyone from Grinstein on down. Copy your Congressmen and Senators and the Commerce Dept.
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